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        Blue Lotus began in 2015 in San Diego, California as a Feng Shui consulting firm. Over the course of just 1 year, the business quickly grew and evolved to incorporate redesign and Home Staging services. In June of 2016, the owner of Blue Lotus, Janine Whittaker, moved back to her hometown area with her fiance to Amesbury, Massachusetts. Janine and her fiance now own their first home and Janine is  looking forward to introducing the power and benefits of Feng Shui to the surrounding community.


Janine Whittaker is passionate about environments and their effect on people. She is a Kitchen Designer and a Certified Master of Feng Shui through the International School of Feng Shui. Janine has studied interior design and has experience working in both the residential and commercial design realms. 

          Janine is also a Real Estate Agent in Massachusetts. She specializes in applying the wonderful benefits of Feng Shui for her buyer clients to align them with their perfect home and can help with room placement and furniture placement when moving into their new home. 


Kate Curcio also studied at the International Feng Shui School, under Amanda Collins, who is one of the top consultants in the world. She has learned many techniques from the classical of ancient china to the more modern form used in the western world. She truly loves helping clients create harmonious and supportive homes and businesses. We are blessed to have her as part of our team.




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