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Space clearings are a fantastic way to clear out the old energy and bring in the new. During a space clearing, we set intentions and re-program the space to align with our clients' goals and dreams. 


What is a Space Clearing?

       A space clearing is an ancient ritual used by many different cultures in which the homes or business  get to push a "reset" button (figuratively speaking). We use many different tools in our space clearings and we carefully select the tools for each clearing that will create the best results for the specific needs of the occupant. 


       During a space clearing, we may use sage, palo santo, chimes, singing bowls, tingshas, bells, crystals, crystal sprays, essential oils, candles, meditation and intentions. Every space clearing is different based on the needs of the space and the goals for the client. The tools to be used are always discussed and approved by our client ahead of time; we always make sure that they are comfortable with the items that we may use.


When is a Space Clearing needed?

   A space clearing is almost always beneficial for an environment.  However, there are specific times in which is is imperative to do a space clearing. These are some of the life events in which a space clearing is recommended to refresh energy and re-set intentions:


  • When moving into a new home: *This is ESPECIALLY important!* This process removes the energetic imprints left behind by previous owners and guests and aligns the home with the new owners. A HOUSE BLESSING is an additional service that we offer for new construction homes, ask us about this to find out more!

  • If you are moving out of your home and are listing it on the market. This will help to cleanse the space of your energy and allow anyone looking at the home to truly be able to feel their energy moving into the space.

  • When a new roommate or partner is moving in to a home

  • If there is a roommate or partner that has moved out of the home

  • After leaving a job or before starting a new one

  • After a break up

  • When a new goal, hope, or dream comes up

  • After someone in the home has passed away

  • After an occupant or a guest was sick (smudging with sage is scientifically proven to reduce the number of antimicrobial bacteria in the air; read about this in our BLOG)

  • If there are unwanted spirits present (we do not perform paranormal clearings but would be happy to recommend someone that can)

  • Anytime anyone within the home is feeling stuck with any aspect of their life

  • After any major life event takes place

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