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My husband & I deeply needed a house clearing + blessing for our new life together. Our old Cambridge home, while beautiful & full, held some noticeable "off-juju" in various rooms & corners. Cosmically, we had the fates help us to find & call upon Janine Whittaker.

After living for almost 2 decades in CA, I had moved home to Boston where my sage & Palo Alto sticks + crystal sprays often attracted strange stares from my hometown friends & family.  However, after years of subtle yet undeniable balancing & intention manifesting using these tools, I was adamant they would still hold a place in my East coast life.  We lacked the professional experience to tap into expanded levels of spiritual, energetic tools (Janine uses all of the best of them!), thus we needed a shaman.  

Not surprisingly, the universe led us to exactly the person we set our intention to find.  After locating Janine's website in the local google search, I phoned & in one conversation felt she was our "it".  Along with her lovely assistant Kate, we scheduled Janine to come to our home and in a warm & easy ceremony (which my husband & I chose to participate in!), we cleared & blessed our home.  The difference was immediate, even my somewhat skeptical (& intensely practical!) husband "felt" a profound difference.  We were so happy that within weeks, we asked Janine to travel to "clear" our vacation home too & similarly felt old juju's lifted & welcomed in their place a palpable sense of clarity & harmony after her work there.

As my husband & I approached our New England August wedding, we both began feeling that we needed a spiritual element, authentic to us and at once infused with sacred ceremony.  We called Janine who presented us with a handful of extraordinary ideas.  We asked if she would "bless our ceremony space", share spirit stones with our guests and perform a Celtic hand-tying ceremony as part of our wedding.

Janine Whitaker will forever hold a most special place in our lives!


—  Eliza P. 

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