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Change Your Life in Only 48 Hours

Over this past weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to make a world of difference in a woman's life and complete my first, entire- home makeover and feng shui implementation. I have done consults before and redesigns before, but never an entire home. The client had moved into the home in October and she has not had time to make the space her own. When she tried to determine the first stepping stone in transforming the space, she felt extremely overwhelmed due to the full life she leads teaching and caring for her two daughters. She reached out to me to assist her in incorporating Feng Shui and physically transform and design the space. As soon as we met I knew something magical was about to occur!

Although the home was a bit cluttered and the landscaping required some love, it had great light and a wonderful breeze. I knew right away this space was a diamond in the rough. I stopped by on an evening to meet the family and take the measurements and the compass reading to create the floorplan. I then gave the client 2 weeks to clean and declutter before we arrived for the interior redesign and feng shui consultation.

Then the time had come. The moment of truth. I have to admit, I was completely scared out of my mind of the project I had undertaken and was terrified I had overpromised and would underdeliver, only for her to find out that my "fake it till you make it" attitude was about to be seriously revealed.

Luckily, I had three of my amazing Feng Shui godesses (and classmates) there by my side for the undertaking. With the forces combined, we created miracles. Here are some before and after for you to be the judge of that...


What did I love the most about this redesign? EVERYTHING! One of the most important things to me was that, this client never takes time for her and to relax. She is such an amazing mother and an extremely hard worker but she never hits the "reset" button. We created a space that not only gave her a relaxing home to walk into, but also her own private office to work in so that she is no longer working in the kitchen. Having your home office in a shared space within your home can be extremely stressful because you are always able to see something associated with your work that needs to be done. By transforming her guest bedroom into her own office, we were able to create a space that was uniquely "her" (her favorite color is HOT pink), and yet she can shut the door and turn off "work mode" when she is ready to relax with her family. I calculated her trigram and put her desk into her "power position", which is your best direction for productivity and prosperity. We also create a gorgous gold framed corkboard across from her desk for a vision board that can be easily changed out (as she will be manifesting her dreams EXTREMELY quickly now!). We also created a meditation corner and an altar, because it is extremely important to have a sace that is dedicated to relaxation and nothing else.

In addition to the amazing new office, I also love that my client has now been sleeping soundly when before she was only getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night. By adding a solid bed frame, and placing the bed in the clients best direction for a solid nights sleep, her evenings have become extremely restful.

After the home makeover was complete, I then did an energetic space clearing and home blessing. This is an ancient ritual to rid a space of old energy and bring in new energy and protection and imprint the space with the affirmations and goals of the client.

I can not wait to hear about all of the wonderful and positive changes that are about to take place in her life, I know that this transformation is just the beginning of something amazing!

In only 48 hours, we can change your life with our interior design and feng shui services!


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