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What is a Feng Shui Annual Update?

There are several different major schools of Feng Shui. And the schools which take timing into consideration can reveal a lot more information about how the house or building can affect its occupants and when. Feng Shui is a predictive art, so we can corroborate all the influences and also project when certain circumstances or events will be most likely to occur.

This includes annual cycles. For example, in Xuan Kong Flying Star School we can see if a house is prone to causing a certain illness for the occupant. When will the illness strike? It is very likely that when compounding annual cycles kick in, that the illness will manifest or get worse. The annual influence in high traffic areas or rooms used frequently will have the biggest impact, as with the permanent energies in frequently used parts of a floor plan..

Annual cycles shift every February 4th or 5th. The beginning of these annual cycles only vacillates by about 24 hours each year. I can refer to a Chinese Solar calendar for the exact time, down to the minute that the new years begin. This Chinese Solar Calendar should not be confused with the Chinese Lunar calendar, which changes by as much as several weeks from year to year.

One annual force to contend with is the “5 yellow star” also known as the “Evil Emperor.” All arcane language aside, this is just a description of an annual influence that could make a person more prone to pain or accidents. This star moves through each direction every nine years and then recycles in the same pattern.

In my own practice, I am dedicated to spending November through February each year to updating clients either in person or with a written report, based on the notes I keep in their file. Most Feng Shui remedies are semi-permanent; however, each year there can be half a dozen important changes to make. On an annual basis, I am forewarning people of what area of their home or business needs a remedy that may be a departure from what is normally done. The goal is to reduce or completely cancel out energies that might undermine health, relationships, financial potential or other concerns a person or family might have. Specific issues like fertility or legal problems or the timing of a remodel are all discussed in these yearly formats.

These annual influences might trump the permanent energies and they are usually addressed with natural elements. This means using real elements like water, wood, fire, earth or metal in a room, to change the magnetic field. As an example, let’s say that a room in a house usually needs the fire element and the occupant has placed a red area rug or pillows on the room to accommodate this need. Then, an annual cycle comes along which might be irritated by fire. In this case, the red colored décor items would be removed for one year and another remedial element might be added.

These annual cycles repeat every nine years perpetually. So for instance, if you lived in your current house nine years ago, the annual cycles in place nine years ago are the same this year in your house. If you had excellent annual energy in your bedroom nine years ago, then this same “visitor” is there this year to help you. There are of course some overlapping influences, including the influences of the twelve year rotating Chinese zodiac signs. This can complicate the annual reading and the well-trained consultant will be able to see and report these nuances.

Here is a theoretical example, let’s say that your front door one year has great annual energy for helping you increase your income. There would be a remedy you could apply to that area to make it even better. But, based on your Chinese zodiac sign, we might determine that in the same year you have influences that could drain you or make things a struggle. This could result in it being a good year for making money (based on your house cycle), but difficult in being able to save it (based on your birth data). Knowledge is power and when you can gauge all these factors into your life, things go smoother and life gets better.

Author: Kartar Diamond

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