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I received a seemingly casual call one day from a Friend on mine that has a few successful STRs; “Hey could you swing by at some point and take a look at this property? I’d be curious to know what changes you would make to it.”

“Yes of course. Be there in 2 days.“

Two days later, I swing by the property to take a look. I walk in and see a look of panic on my friend‘s face.

“I need to know what changes you can make on a budget and when you could make them”?

Me: “OK... what’s your budget, and when do you want it installed by?”

“Not much and how about tomorrow???”

I got you bro.

After a discussion about the items I would add and the budget I think we would need, we're in agreeance and I head out for a shopping spree (MY FAVORITE THING EVER!).

$1500 later and 6 hours of budget shopping (think stores like Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Goodwill, Facebook Marketplace, and Job Lot), and it is now time to install.

Here is what we were able to get for that:

  • 16 pieces of art, 3 that were larger than 3’ wide

  • 2 duvet sets with pillow cases

  • 6 sets of sheets and pillow cases

  • Bistro table with 2 chairs

  • 2 poufs/ ottomans

  • 8x10 area rug

  • 3 x 4 Area rug

  • 3 lamps

  • Shower curtain

  • 2 sets of towels, hand towels, and face clothes

  • 2 curtain roads

  • 10 pairs of curtains

  • A few misc. decorative items

We worked from 2 PM to 9 PM and hung curtains and artwork, put duvets over comforters, rotated throw pillows, added area rugs, built bistro tables and added poufs. I re-arranged and repurposed existing items. We moved books, purged shelves, and cleaned surfaces.

And a house became a home.

By 9:00 PM it's finally done and I'm to exhausted to take the "After" photos (and it is now too dark outside to take them anyway, always photograph while it is light out!), so I decided to come back on Saturday for pictures. (Luckily there wasn’t a booking Friday night).

Here are the Before and After's:

Summary of Project: Total time: 48 Hours

Design Time: 18 Hours

Investment for Decor: $1500

Design Fee: $1,100

Total Investment: $2,600

Date of Changes: 8/14/22

And within a few days of the changes being made, I received this text...

If your listing needs a "Spruce up", let us know! We would love to help!


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